Day Sixteen

I got a nice sleep in this morning as just another treat that I have pass the halfway mark. Then it was time to get up and get stuff done.

Today is the beginning of NaNoWriMo, so there is that, but I started with 20 pushups. I split them into 4 sets of 5 and that really helped to keep the intensity on my should down. It is a rest day for crunches and squats, so it is a nice break. I will do the plank a bit later on to let my shoulder rest.

Then I got to work on writing my word count requirement for today. At the end of November, I need to have at least 50, 000 words. At about 500 words a page, that will equal out to about 100 hundred pages. Today, I got to 3202 words.

Olivia chilling at my feet as I write.

Ashleigh made me a breakfast of scrambled eggs. They were quite good.

For lunch, I had balsamic chicken. And I tried the 2 minute plank. Let’s just say it sucked. I fell at least four times. Today was just not my day for the plank. I got back up each time and finally finished it. So I’m not sure exactly how it all broke down, but the last time, I was up for the final 38 seconds. I will just have to be okay with that for now and try to do better tomorrow.

For supper, I ventured past my boundaries a bit by going to Subway. I got a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and chicken. Then I went home and added the rest of the leftover ground beef to it. It was quite amazing.

Until tomorrow!

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